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Litter 2009
September 12:
Indhira 6 months old:
Indiana 6 months old:
Ismaïlia 6 months old:
Icyana at the dog show in Macon,
not showed but training for Metz, next week:
Icyana at home "in activity" :
With friend Vita Bella:
Icyana's head on the cover of the B.A.H.C. magazine:
Inta Jeriko, after the bath:
First try on the racing track:
Ismaïlia's holydays:
On the beach:
At the swimming pool with friend Curt:
Part of the family during the National Specialty:
Indiana, Indhira, Bahiya, Istaphar:
With friends Yashim and Uncle Brunaud:
Training on the racing track:
At home with friend Crystal:
On the racing trak:
June 20:
Indhira, 14 weeks, staying at home
June 20 :
Indiana with new Mum, Florence Dewit (B)
home of Crystal du Val de Broceliande
June 4:
Ismaïlia with new Dad, Raymond Gillet (F)
(home of Curtain Call d'Hezaradjah)
Mai 23:
Icyana with new Mum, Fabienne Berset (CH)
(home of Ch. Astikali's Vita Bella)
May 15:
Istaphar with new Mum: Lydia Vanhee-Scheepmans (B)
(home of Brunaud d'Abd El Shiraz)
Inta-Jeriko, with new Mum Jeannine Eeraerts (B)
April 30:
The puppies are 7 weeks old
Bitch 1
Bitch 2
Bitch 3
Bitch 4
Dog 1
Dog 2
April 23:
The babies are 6 weeks old
Bitch 1 (red collar) cream brindle:
Bitch 2 (yellow collar) gold brindle:
Bitch 3 (blue collar) red brindle:
Bitch 4 (green collar) gold brindle:
Dog 1 (brown collar) red brindle
Dog 2 (black collar) light gold with black marks:
April 12:
The babies are 1 month old
Bitch 1 cream brindle:
Bitch 2 gold brindle:
Bitch 3 red brindle:
Bitch 4 red brindle:
Dog 1 red brindle:
Dog 2 gold with black marks:
April 10:
April 5:
Breaksfast on Sunday morning
April 2:
Puppies are 3 weeks old
March 24:
Puppies 12 days
The bitches heads, the eyes are open:


March 20:
Puppies 8 days
The bitches:
The dogs:
March 17:
Bahiya & bitch 2
March 13:
The bitches:
The dogs:
March 12:
2 boys and 4 girls are born today.
(2 boys and 3 girls probably brindle, 1 girl light brindle)
Pics of the puppies and details coming soon
March 03:
Bahiya 8 weeks pregnant
February 25 :
Bahiya 7 weeks pregnant
February 04:
1st scans of the puppies
On January 7th, 2009,
our beloved Multi Ch. Bahiya d'Abd El Shiraz was mated to
Multi Ch. (15 titles) Trouble du Menuel Galopin.
We know now that she is pregnant.
Puppies are expected about 11-12 of March 2009.
Serious inquiries are welcome
You can see pedigree of the puppies on the page "pedigree"